Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Surprise! Look what I can do!

Today I discovered that Kashton knows two signs (baby sign language), which is quite remarkable because I really have not spent much time teaching him any. I half heartedly tried showing him "please" and "more" in hopes of lessening the high pitched shrieking he uses as a request for food, but it wasn't going well and I kind of gave up.

We taught Malachi only a couple, which he only uses occasionally now and always with the accompanying word, so it didn't seem possible that Kashton would pick it up from his big brother, but today I was totally surprised to see Kashton signing "more" and "all done" as I spoke the words aloud.

Way to go second son! I guess younger siblings must come with some kind of osmosis feature to ensure that they too learn the things their mothers are too busy to teach them.


letisha said...

awesome! it is so cute to see those chubby little hands signing. they're like little sponges....they just pick up and learning things so fast and fearlessly.

letisha said...

sorry...i should have edited my comment before i posted it. i guess i should go to bed...it's 12:45am! Yikes!

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