Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dinner with Grandpa

2009-11-26 - November 2009 068

We celebrated Grandpa Bruce’s 60th birthday, albeit a little overdue, with a lovely dinner out at a neighbourhood Italian restaurant on Sunday night.  Gavan and I had never had the chance to eat at the Green Olive since they opened about a year ago, but we really enjoyed our first opportunity.  We had the place to ourselves, the food was great, and very reasonably priced, and the best part of all is that our kids actually sat through the entire meal without too much commotion. 

For awhile, eating out was pretty much a gong-show for us, but the last couple of times haven’t gone too badly, and so I wonder, have we turned a corner?  Are our children starting to morph into normal, enjoyable, respectable human beings that will allow their parents to dine out without any embarrassing fits of crying, spilled juice or dirty-glances from patron’s and staff alike?  I have a strange feeling, this moderately decent behaviour is in large part thanks to our trusted iPhones with their many entertaining apps, and the remaining part in all probability, fluke.  My guess is that we’ve got a ways to go before restaurant dining avec les enfants, is truly enjoyable, but for now even tolerable seems like a vast improvement.  

Happy 60th Birthday Grandpa B! 

Thanks for letting us in on the party.


Lori said...

Yes, iPhones in the restaurant is a life saver most times!! And it's one thing I never thought I would do!!! But hey, it works and we're all happy :)

letisha said...

ha ha ha...so glad for the reminder that, "this too shall pass"...i have found meal times to be quite "challenging" as well....especially when he won't eat!!!

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