Monday, November 23, 2009

On the move!

Kashton has been standing, dancing, squatting and playing all on his own two feet for some time now. What he wasn’t doing was taking very many steps. That all changed this weekend! He went from a two-or-three stepper to a too-many-to-count WALKER!

He was pretty pleased with himself, and these photos, while terribly blurry, show him giddily crossing the ocean of floor between myself and Thyra, over and over, honing his new skill.

It’s hard to believe Thyra was walking a full 4 months earlier than either of my boys, both of them stepping out on their own at 13.5 months compared to her 9.5. And while I was quite happy not to be chasing them around too quickly, it was still so nice to see them off and going when they finally did muster up the guts to toddle off on their own.

2009-11-26 - November 2009 181 2009-11-26 - November 2009 1832009-11-26 - November 2009 182 2009-11-26 - November 2009 184

2009-11-26 - November 2009 185 2009-11-26 - November 2009 186 2009-11-26 - November 2009 187 2009-11-26 - November 2009 188


Anonymous said...

soo cute- looks like he can really move! shake it- you won't break it Kashy!

r.a.d.e tarves said...

An adorable little guy in his saggy diaper and sweet mop of curls! Love all the pictures! A happy day for him but bittersweet for mom!? He's not a baby anymore...:(

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