Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thursday, Friday, Dadder-day!

On Saturdays I go to work. I leave the house before anyone is awake, leaving the three men in my life to fend for themselves. It’s kind of a fun bonding day for my husband and his boys, and even Thyra gets in on the action here and there.

My mom often worked Saturdays while I was growing up, and one of the more vivid memories I have of my dad were hanging out with him and my brother while she worked. We did chores around the house, (with Tina Turner or UB40 cranked up to get us moving), took the car to get washed, went to watch planes come in, rode bikes, cooked Indian food and between all those normal, typical, Saturday activities, made the day into a special time just our own.

I don’t know how long I’ll be a working mom on the weekend, but should this be the status quo for awhile this is what I hope Saturdays become for our kids and their dad. Days spent making memories, which even when not terribly exciting or adventurous, have their own special charm.

One of Gavan’s favorite ways to occupy the little guys is to take them over to the indoor play centre we occasionally frequent, Coffee and S’cream. It’s one of Malachi’s most favorite places, and a perfect place for the young’uns to let off some steam while their grown-up du jour gets a coffee and a chance to relax. A place where a dad can maybe read a paper, surf the internet, or even play a board game without wondering what his kids are destroying now. A place where everyone leaves satisfied, smiling and hopefully a wee bit tuckered.

Thankfully Gavan remembered the camera on their last outing, so that this mom wasn’t totally missing out on the action.

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r.a.d.e tarves said...

What a fun place! We need one up here..!

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