Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

The last day of October was kind of a bust around these parts.  I had good intentions of purchasing a pumpkin or two for some carving fun, but never quite got around to it and now that I’m working full days on Saturdays even my usual last-minute frenzy that follows much procrastination didn’t quite materialize.

Aside from the big  FAIL in the decor department, I wasn’t really sure what to do about costumes this year.  Malachi’s monkey costume still fit him from the year before, but I had originally planned on passing it down to Kashton and buying him something new.  Well good thing I never got around to that either, because he basically refused to have anything to do with a costume this year. 

Thyra had wanted to go as a clown and I had purchased her an adult and child size wig, not being sure which one    would fit her, (the adult of course), I figured   maybe one of the boys could us  e the leftover wig.

And that’s pretty much exactly what happened.  After a late start to trick-or-treating (aided in part by the fact that  the daylight savings time change now occurs AFTER Halloween instead of before, and unlike some of the neighbourhood kids, I insist on waiting until it it dark before unleashing trick-or-treaters into the night) the boys and their big sister managed to get up and down the street to all of our neighbours and still managed a pretty decent haul.

2009-08-01 - August 2009 010

2009-08-01 - August 2009 021

  2009-08-01 - August 2009 012 

 2009-08-01 - August 2009 007

2009-08-01 - August 2009 0192009-08-01 - August 2009 0252009-08-01 - August 2009 026 2009-08-01 - August 2009 031


Cody, Amanda and Kade said...

Cute cute pics....they all look great for last the little babies outfits. So cute!! :)

mandypants said...

Awww, love the one of the little sleeping clown.

Anonymous said...

cutest clowns ever!

r.a.d.e tarves said...

That pretty daughter of yours is getting waaay to grown up...! Cute Halloweeners!

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