Monday, November 2, 2009

The odds are.

Seriously I'm a basket-case. There is this new friend in my life called Anxiety. I lived most of my life being aware of her but never having actually made her acquaintance. Now that I know her up close and personal, I can tell you this: she is largely overrated with an immense deficiency in the personality department.

Our more recent get-together was a prolonged lunch where H1N1 was the topic du-jour, and with high hopes of evading her manipulative clutches for a short while, I decided to brave the line-ups and vaccinate my kids and myself. (I'm high-risk btw, being asthmatic.) All this after much debate, research and back-and-forth-hand-wringing changes of mind.

Well vaccinations be darned, Ms. Anxiety has successfully chased away any chance of my former BFF, the shy Miss. Peace-of-mind swinging by for even a coffee, and has inserted herself uninvited into my life yet again.

Since having my vaccine I have been having all sorts of tingling and weirdness. Gasp. It must be the dreaded Guillain-Barre Syndrome right? GBS is an extremely rare (as in one in a million) but possible reaction to vaccinations. I should have bought a lottery ticket instead.

But oh wait... tingling and numbness, even in your face, can also be symptoms of anxiety.

So either I have beat incredible odds and have some rare, incurable, potentially fatal condition... OR... I'm actually teetering on the crazy side of panic and need some deep breathing and psychiatric intervention stat.


Anonymous said...

ah, psychiatric bliss! Loove it!

WadenLeaStewart said...

I think it's called 'motherhood' in which case i will shortly join you in the white padded room... In talking about these fears to my 'older/wiser' mother her advise.. "Trust God"... and so...

Lori said...

You sound like me! After the shot, every little thing I worried about. And the more I worry my chest tightens with anxiety, then I think, am I having a heart attack!!!
I cried when the boys got theirs! But they were fine!

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