Friday, January 29, 2010

For the record

I've been compiling in my mind all the little funny and sweet things that my little kids are up to these days, and hoping I don't forget before I get a chance to write them down.   So please pardon the inelegance of the next few posts, but these are just some things I want to record before I forget forever.
2009-12-01 - December 2009 073
is becoming obsessed with his clothes.  He would wear his Adidas soccer uniform 24/7, but barring that wants whatever shirt has a "number two", a robot or pockets. He can get quite adamant and refuse to lift his arms to wear something that doesn't quite meet his standard.  I never guessed for one second that I would have a kid with clothing issues because Thyra never cared for one second.  When my mom brought him a new outfit from Las Vegas in November, we were coaxing him to try it on and he kept telling us, "No Fits!"  He says this all the time now about everything.
He has gone from calling himself "Mal-Kai" to "Ma-LA-chi".  He still refers to himself in the 3rd person though and will even hilariously correct himself mid-sentence when he realized he hasn't quite pronounced his name correctly.  I do though think it's sad to hear him replace his babyish version of some words for more grown-up sounding ones.
He likes to call everyone else by their names and checks in frequently with me throughout the day to make sure I haven't forgotten them either.  "Daddy name Gavan.  Mommy name Sharmi" (and now he'll even say Sharm-illa).  "Baby name Kashie-moo."  Sigh.  That's what we get for always using nicknames I guess.  Now we're working on middle and last names. 
He says "I love you" all the time.  Spontaneously.  Sometimes its "I love you too", in response to my own declaration of love.  He asks for "nuggles and mooches" quite frequently.  It makes me want to cry every time I hear it.
He knows all his numbers to 10, a bunch of shapes, his alphabet, the name of every extended family member and can work my iphone better than most adults.  Malachi however, does NOT sing.  Not a note.  He will repeat the words to a million different songs, but he speaks them instead.   One of his favorite is "I wanna hippopotamus for Christmas," and sometimes I can hear him stumbling over the words as he plays, but all tunelessly.  I have to confess I just want to hear him sing so badly, and I know it’s probably silly but it kind of worries me  that he doesn't yet.
He is totally smitten with the characters from Cars, particularly Lightening McQueen and Chick Hicks and talks about them all the time.  "Ka-CHOW".   If he's not talking about Cars, he's talking about Thomas and James. It's official... he's a little boy.
Malachi really likes telling me about what body part hurts.  "Eye hurts, tummy hurts, knee hurts,"  etc. etc.  He also will request that I "kiss ALLLLL bedder".  He's also obsessed with certain boy parts. I'll let you put two and two and two together, but lets just say that mommy finds herself explaining that we don't kiss everything better.
We are also learning about Sharing.  The boys have figured out already that the most fun toy in the house is the one that their brother has right now.  Malachi however, it must be said, has quite a tender little heart, and even after mommy breaks it by explaining that he has had his turn with his favorite race-car long enough and that it time to share with Kashie, I often catch him the next day handing over the same toy to Kashton very sweetly before he has even played with it himself.  "Here Kashie-moo, Ma-LA-chi share."  He does have his normal toddler moments where he thinks that "share" is code for "give it to Malachi."
His phone conversations (real or pretend) are quite adorable and he has the back-and-forth pattern of conversation down.  "Hi! How you? Good!"   What is less adorable is when he picks up on things that I don't find particularly precious coming out of the mouth of my two year old.  Like "holy crap."   Two year olds make good mirrors for adults apparently.

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r.a.d.e tarves said...

...A real big boy! He's got a darling personality! Love how he's concerned about his clothes!:0)

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