Thursday, February 11, 2010

Behind the times

You know what is sad and wonderful about having little ones around?  It's how fast they change.

I just posted all the little things I want to remember about my boys at this moment, and it seems like they moved on from the moment I hit publish.

Malachi has begun to use pronouns in the space of a day or two.  ("I'm freezing cold" or "I'm stuck")
Kashton is adding words at a crazy pace and has gone from "mmm-ma to Gamma" in the same time.

I can hardly catch my breath.  It's dizzying, exhausting and yet so miraculous all at once.

These little creatures learn and grow, so much, so fast, with seemingly little input from us. Their brains are so busy that I can almost hear them whirring away over the sounds of their giggles.

I think of all I have to teach them.  Everything I want to instill now while they are soaking up the sights and sounds and ways of the world, and wonder how many opportunities I have let slip by.

These early years are so precious and so important for everything that is to come, for their untarnished, full-of-potential futures.  I guess with the joy of watching them morph and blossom before my eyes, I am feeling the huge responsibility I have of making sure these little lives I have been entrusted with are adequately prepared.

Because as Malachi likes to say in imitation of Lightening McQueen, "I am Speed" and I know it's true.  He really is.

And they are growing up before my very eyes and I hope I can keep up.


mandypants said...

I hear yah loud and clear!! Let me know if you find a way to sloooow it all down....

r.a.d.e tarves said...

It's crazy isn't it - a person thinks life just can't go by any faster, but it keeps pickin' up speed! ..maybe it's a sign that things are going good...

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