Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bushel and a Peck

We love this song!  Sung by the adorable Doris Day, I was so excited to find it in one of those singing cards for the boys for Valentine's day.  I can't confess to having previously known this song myself, but Gavan learned it growing up and now it has become kind of an anthem at our house.  Our kids know the words, (some more than others!), and I wonder if when they grow up they will remember us singing this together.  


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the nice YouTube with Doris Day....a catchy little song that people love.

Sounds like you are a DORIS DAY fan - so, I want to tell you about DORIS DAY & FRIENDS - an hour plus radio show that can be heard worldwide via the internet. Every Sunday at 3:00PM (EST) you can hear Mike DeVita, a retired English professor who has been a fan and friend of Miss Day for many years, host this fabulous hour+ radio show - there is an encore edition on Wednesdays at 8:00PM (EST) and also at Midnight (EST). Mike has wonderful commentary that makes it a real musical history presentation - your hear sometimes 30+ DD songs - Go to:

Click on Listen Here Now....Mike is covering Doris in the 50s right now.

I was a fan since age 10 and grew up to meet Doris and was her personal assistant in the 70s when she was filming her TV show at CBS - and lived with her for nearly 2 years. I wrote my memoir - "DAY AT A TIME - An Indiana Girl's Sentimental Journey to Doris Day's Hollywood & Beyond" from Hawthorne Publishing which came out in late 2007.

Just thought you would want to know about DORIS DAY & FRIENDS on FredNetRadio - talk about a winning team - DORIS DAY, Mike DeVita and FredNetRadio!!!!

Mary Anne Barothy

Anonymous said...

i've been way slack in commenting.. love the new baby updates.. yu should post the new tub..!luvs

alisa said...

LOVE Doris Day! Didn't know this song tho, so thanks for that! I can so hear you singing it! very cool to hear from that reader about that website too - i'll be sure to check it out. p.s. have you heard of it's really fun because it's free and you have your own music page, and basically are your own dj, with anyone being able to look up your page & see/hear the music you love! my page is
you should go on it!

Anonymous said...

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