Monday, February 22, 2010

Good Morning Little Sunshine!

Me - Not a morning person.

Not that I'm sluggish and grumpy for hours upon awakening.  Usually once up I'm happy to greet the day.  The problem is that I'm for sure a night owl.  I like the wee hours.  The ones where no good thing happens.  The ones that make getting up before noon feel like some kind of torture.

We all know once the kids arrive, you are forced to become a morning person whether you want to or not. Sleeping-in becomes a distant memory.  Waking up because you're rested instead of because your toddler is screaming, "MOOOOOOMMMM!!!" as a summons from his bedroom/prison cell, is like a fantasy from another life.

But as much as I miss lazy mornings, with only coffee and the paper as breakfast companions, there is something so sweet that I wake up to every day instead.... the sounds of my children greeting the day.

Malachi has faithfully greeted us with "Mornin'!" for months.  And even though now that he has moved onto a very formal, "Good Morning!", his little brother has also taken up the cause.   As soon as Kashton's eyes are open, he too now says "Mornin'" in his chirpiest little voice.  The sound of my children greeting me, and the guaranteed few moments of snuggles that follow, well, it makes the breaking of the day something to look forward to.

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yasmine said...

best of luck on your entrepreneurship journey, i hope to be one one day too

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