Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Because I am a Mother

I was irritated
when my 12 year woke me up moments before leaving for the bus to tell me that there was nothing for lunch and that she couldn't buy it because she had a field trip.  I told her to figure it out and went back to sleep.

I was guilt-ridden
moments later that I had had nothing for my 12 yr. old to take for lunch, and that I had angrily sent her to school with who knows what to eat. 

I was embarrassing
to that same 12 yr. old because I quickly threw the boys (still in jammies) in the car, and chased down her bus, flailing madly at the driver to stop and let her off, all while sporting a severe case bedhead and yesterday's yoga pants.

I over-compensated
for my earlier parental neglect, and made up for it by purchasing a deli sandwich (her fave) from Safeway for her lunch and a Vanilla Cream from Starbucks for her love, and driving her the remainder of the way to school. 

I was amused 
that Malachi was choosing to wave goodbye to Grandma from afar instead of his favored spot by the window and realizing it was because he had, naughtily, been into the sugar bowl and was trying to conceal the evidence.

I was in hysterics
upon trying to dress Malachi, him announcing that we should go swimming instead of to our Wednesday night bible study, and then in trying to figure out what the appropriate clothing was called, came up with "Sponge Bob" instead of "Swim Trunks". 

I was smitten
by Kashton giving me tender kisses, both hands on my cheeks.

I was surprised
when tender kisses turned into my whole bottom lip being sucked into his mouth and chewed upon.

I was proud
when my 12 yr. old came home from her Festival Field trip and relayed the news that her Grade 6 band took top honors with their "double superior" mark.  

It must have been that sandwich.


bronwyn said...

a mother is soo many things, and blessed

alisa said...

love it!

letisha said...

i have said it before, and i'll say it again...You should write a book! You're so talented with words!!! Great post! keep 'em comin'! HUGS

The Zhush said...

Love this...thinking you are ME! Then read your profile, and confirmed this thought! :)

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