Sunday, March 7, 2010


Our house of worship is just that.  Literally.  A house.  Not just a house, but someone's home.  The place they eat and sleep and dream.  Every week, we come into their private sanctuary, which they have opened freely to us, and track in snow and mud, dirt and dust.  We sit on their furniture.  We lay our babies to sleep on their beds, turn their cosy dens into mothers nursing rooms, antique sideboards into change tables and sofas intocoat closets.  And most of the time we do this without a moments thought.

This morning though, I couldn't help but wince a little as my darling son tossed his bribery-crackers around with free abandon. (A side note to you mothers: it is worth your time and energy to ensure your church-going infants have a drug-like dependancy on their pacifier if you want to avoid the "shut-up snack" route.) I tried quietly to retrieve those wayward smiling fish crackers from between the sofa cushions, and hoped I could get to the ones scattered over the wool area rug before they became a part of the tapestry.

I realized I was failing miserably however, in my attempt to discreetly tidy up the chaos my children had manufactured (in sixty or so minutes), when once our meeting was over others began to point out the goldfish I had missed.  One under the couch, one beside the coffee table, one, unbelievably, across the room.

Feeling embarrassed and like there was no way I was going to completely erase any trace of our being there, I went to the lady of the house, and apologized for any crumbs we were possibly going to leave behind.

And then, she took my hand in hers, looked me directly in the eyes and said something so profoundly wise.  Something I want to remember every day as I confront life's little messes.

She said, kindly, "Oh well Sharmi.  It's just crackers.  Not earthquakes."


Lori said...

I've also been told it's "gold crumbs". I liked that. The elders do not worry about it, because the kids are the future of the kingdom, the gold.

Aimee said...

What a great perspective to have! I'll have to remember that....thank you!

Anonymous said...

come to my house )

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