Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Muffin-tin Monday

When Malachi was just learning how to eat solids, I learned a little trick that I used often in order to make new foods seem fun and exciting.  I got an ice cube tray and filled each compartment with bits of this and that for him to munch on throughout the day.  His very own nibble tray.

I don't know why it didn't occur to me to take this fun way of serving meals on into toddlerhood, but luckily I was reminded lately by a reference to "Muffin-Tin Mondays".  I wish I could remember the original blog that which initially prompted me to delve into creative lunches once again, but that blog led me to a bunch of others (like this one) that all take part in this mid-day madness.

Can I just say how excited I was about this? Mostly because I really hate lunchtime.  I find it so repetitive, I hate making seperate meals for the kids, and I never seem to have the right ingredients on hand to complete any kind of recipe I may be in the mood for.  This is where the muffin-tins come along.  Fill 'em up with whatever you have and voila!  The kids are suddenly busy filling their faces from their very own Toddler All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet.

Muffin-Tin Monday for today:
freshly sliced strawberries, bananas, grapes
whole-wheat bread cubes
pepperoni slices
steamed broccoli
cheese sauce for dipping

Nothing really exciting about the food, but present it in a muffin-tin with a fork and something to dip into, and my boys quite magically find lunchtime so exciting.  I really don't get that creative, but some of the ideas out there in blogland are so appetizing even I'm thinking of foregoing a plate on Mondays from now on.


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Such a great idea, your muffin-tin. Makes eating much more fun!! Have a sweet day. Saskia

Stacey said...

Great idea - love it!

letisha said...

brilliant! Absolutly brilliant! I can't wait to try this!! Thank for sharing....

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