Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Snowstorms

Ah Calgary.  

I could probably post about the weather every day.  And not just me, Calgarians in general. We talk about it, blog about it, obsess about it all the time and love to hate it kinda like an old boyfriend. It becomes an albeit reluctant, hobby if you live here. And, having lived here my whole life, it really should come as no surprise that we are having a blizzard in April.  Except for that it is almost May right?  Snowstorms in May, regrettably, are no surprise either.  Why don't I remember this when I am packing away boots and mittens and ice-scrapers.  Perhaps I am an optimist?   Whatever I am, I should know better by now.  Just because one day we are out riding bikes, watering the lawn, and running barefoot in the backyard, is by no means any indication that today we won’t be bundled up January-styles.

So today, in blowing snow and gale force winds, flooded roads and power outages, I met Leanna and her trio of munchkins at Mcdonalds, for breakfast and free play.  We may let the weather get us down, but we are certainly never out, we hardy folk.

Quelle journee!





Ashley said...

I too just put away ALL the winter gear. It might just stay there though because I'm not brave enough to embrace the winter weather again.

r.a.d.e tarves said...

Uggg.. It managed to drop up into our backyard too.. Thankfully it's melted and the sun is shining!

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