Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trains, planes and... firetrucks?

Kashton says a couple of things these days that I thought I should write down before I forget:

Anytime he sits down next to someone else he looks up at them with a big smile and says, "besides you".   It comes out as all one word, and I have to confess I think it's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

The other thing he says is terrible, and I hope I'm not offending anyone with this story, but it's that kind of horrid story you need to blog about.

Kashton really like trucks these days, especially firetrucks.  In fact, he gets really excited when he sees something he likes and yells in his weird little voice at the top of his lungs when he sees the object of his desire.

For awhile it was, "BUUUUUS!"

And now sometimes it is "AIRPAAAANE!"

And along with airplanes, are firetrucks.  Unfortunately, with these last ones he doesn't quite get every syllable in, and the "iretru"part of the word doesn't come out quite as clearly as the other letters do.  Other letters that form a very bad four-letter word, beginning with F.


To make matters worse, I realized too late on Sunday morning that he had his very favorite book of all types of vehicles, including several of those red engines, in church.  Did I mention he likes to yell when he sees something he likes? Wow, that was embarrassing.

And of course Malachi has to get in on the act.  He loves nothing better than telling his younger brother what to do, so having heard us try to correct Kashton several times with the correct pronounciation, he says to him, "No Kashie, no say (insert bad word here),  say "FIIIIRRRETRUCK!".

Nothing makes me prouder than two toddlers with potty-mouth to call my very own.


Anonymous said...

got to have a sense of humour for that stuff..:) there are so many of inappropriate goings ons with kids...

r.a.d.e tarves said...

Hahaha..! Oh, the things they do to keep us humble!(I can laugh cause it didn't happen to me..!) ..you've a great sense of humour, Sharmi! (And two very cute boys!):0)

letisha said...

oh man! Hilarious!!!! Good for you for writing these things down! Twenty years from now, it will be that much funnier!!!!!! hugs

alisa said...

haha - love it! they're SOOO cute!

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