Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Turning Twelve


I want to post these photos in celebration of my daughter.    It’s really hard for me however, because if you’ll notice, that Ung Drill frame from Ikea is still hung on the wall, unpainted and empty where it has been for about six months now.  I hung it there temporarily to get it out of the way after my two heavy Paris architecture drawings fell off the wall, smashing their frames and taking down with them a couple of china plates.   I also hesitate to post these photos, because you can see my two new vintage Paint by Number paintings, that also made there way out of the box onto leftover nails in the wall.   I’m not sure where they are going yet, but please be assured, it is not there.   Further injuring my pride is the fact that we still have not chosen new chairs for our kitchen table, and are still sitting on ugly plastic folding chairs from Superstore.

But, in putting up these pictures, despite being mortified by the condition of my house I know what I am really trying to do here, is just to concentrate more on the people, and worry less about the stuff.  You would have no idea how many times I don’t post a photo, because of the mess in the background, or because I have not gotten around to finessing the decor.  

Someone advised me yesterday just to have a happy messy house, and you know what, that’s what I care about.  Truly.   And in the spirit of blogging honestly and documenting my life, these pictures are going up, shame aside.

And so,

Yesterday, Thyra turned twelve.  TWELVE.  Do you know what that means?

It means that next year her age will have caught up to her attitude, and she will be a bona-fide teenager.  It means that she can get her learner’s license in two years. It means she can legally operate a motor vehicle BY HERSELF in four.  It means that in six years, she will have the freedom, and the legal ability to vote, leave home, get married, and do all sorts of things I will be in no way ready for her to do.  It means I have been a mom that long, and I’m still not very good at it.

In celebration of the occasion, I surprised Thyra, by planning a little last-minute breakfast party for her.   Her friends came over early in the morning, before she was even awake.  I woke her up from the spare room in the basement, where she and and cousin Kianna were still sawing logs, under the pretense of being extremely angry with her for not having cleaned her room to my standards.  Up she went, to her bedroom, totally bewildered and still rubbing the sleep from her eyes, and cobwebs out of her head.  When she opened the door to her bedroom, her friends jumped out from the corner and yelled, “Surprise!”    Ah, we got her.   The poor kid was so overwhelmed she almost teared up, but in a happy way. 

A little french toast, bacon, OJ and some whipped cream with berries, and an ice cream cake (Thyra’s favorite), was our menu of choice, and the girls retreated to the basement after stuffing themselves to gossip and giggle.

I didn’t do much in the way of planning for this birthday, as it was truly impromptu.  There were no decorations, no planned activities, no treat bags, or hired entertainment.  But if you ask Thyra, she’ll say this was the best birthday ever, and that is how I know for sure she is truly growing up.

Happy Birthday to my baby girl. 

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mandypants said...

Oh looked like so much fun! What a great idea to have a suprise breakfast party! Good job mom!

letisha said...

what an awesome idea! I can relate to "not posting pictures because..." but i am so glad you did! Happy Birthday to your sweet little/big girl!!

Anonymous said...

you've got one special 12yr old- Love Ya Thyra

r.a.d.e tarves said...

Happy Birthday Thyra! Can't believe how grown up she is!

toni said...

Hi Sharmilla! Get out of here! NO way! Your daughter, the stunning young lady in your workshop assignment photos is 12!!! Wow. Oh and I bet you're a great mum!

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