Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The hunt begins

Of course being endowed with female hormones, I have realized that the birth of a new baby is a great excuse to shop. While I am superstitious enough not to want to purchase anything until the second trimester, when the threat of miscarriage is greatly reduced, it still is fun to look online at all the fabulous must-have products out there.
Determining the sex of the baby before birth will probably only fuel my shopping obsession, as it does seem pointless to purchase items when you don't know who you're purchasing them for and I am not really a believer in Unisex. I like the girliest of the girl things, and the most masculine of the boys. However, sigh, I do see some value to purchasing items that can be used again for a subsequent child. The trick is finding something that would work for boy or girl that does not sacrifice style.

Which leads me to www.newarrivalsinc.com a fabulous line of baby bedding that completely suits my vintage inclinations, and is full of whimsy and adorable fun. Even better, most bedding sets retail for under $500 US.

Chenille? Ticking? Vintage florals? How gorgeous is this? And the bedding temptingly displayed on a Jenny Lind Crib, which we have already decided will be the style we purchase. (Color still to be decided, but we are leaning towards white or black.)

I also love the Gypsy bedding which is not so sugary, but still completely feminine. The colors really work for me as I am not still over my obsession with all things aqua or robin's egg blue.

But here is where the real fun lies. Take a look at these adorable vintage prints that could be used for boy or girl. Normally I am not a fan of red in any capacity, but these almost have me convinced.

Could this sailor pattern be any cuter??
It's fresh and fun and would make a cheery room to visit, even at 1am when your newborn is squawking to be fed.

Gorgeous ducky bedding! And the Jenny Lind cribs are available in a beautiful cherry red.... hmmmmm.
New Arrivals also makes a sock monkey crib set that is nostalgic and wonderful.
Thank goodness there are another 34 weeks to go.....how will I ever decide? There are a plethora of choices out there for parents, but I suppose, like anything else, the fun is in the journey. And I have no problems continuing my quest for the ultimate baby bedding.

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glenn-amanda said...

Very cute stuff. Check out www.landofnod.com It's Crate and Barrel's kids stuff. And also check out www.dimplesanddandelions.com Don't get any ideas....my sister is expecting so I was shopping online with her.

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