Friday, February 27, 2009

Ties that bind

Let's get one thing clear. My kids have a maternal grandfather. A really good grandpa. He might be my step-father, but he is not their "step" anything. He is Grandpa, pure and simple and usually, much to my mom's ire, the favorite.

However. Having kids has made me wonder, what would life look like if my dad were still here? I think it would look like this:

Uncle George and Malachi

This being a photo of my dad's older brother feeding First Son.  (Indians really like to feed their kids. By hand. Till they're twelve. Maybe twenty.)   A really dark man with a really white kid.

I also wonder if my Uncle ponders similar things. If in looking at my children he sees his niece's offspring or his deceased brother's grandchildren.

There is a little glimpse here for me of what kind of grandfather my dad would have been to my kids. I cherish the view.

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