Monday, March 2, 2009

In like a lion?

All day I noticed the sun shining.  I saw the little patches it left on the kitchen floor, where one heat-seeking canine curled up in its warmth.  The other lolly-gagged on the back steps, basking in its spring-like rays.   I heard the drip drip drip of snow melting off roofs and eaves, but noted that there was no rustle of branches.  It had all the appearances of a perfect day.  All was calm, peaceful and sunshiny and I was inside.  

My children, well the littlest ones, were not cooperating with any attempts to transition our day from within the confines of our domicile to the freshness of the great outdoors.  Finally, at 4 o'clock, when Thyra's pleasant, smiling face appeared, we donned coats and boots and hustled outside before the temperature dipped, and the sun's last rays faded into evening. 

It was wonderful.  Sloshy, mucky, and wet.  Wonderfully wet.  

We meandered over to the park, Malachi in his stroller, Kashton strapped snuggly into the carrier.  There were plenty of other kids and parents enjoying the balmy afternoon. You know it's been a long winter when 11 degrees above 0 feels balmy.

Malachi had a ball.  He swung and slid, teetered and tottered and like any normal toddler, grabbed handfuls of gravel to sift between his fingers.   There was laughing and shrieking and much clapping of hands, as he enjoyed a much-loved activity that has been on hold for way too long, thanks to alternating bouts of illness upon illness and freezing cold weather.

We were all smiles and glee and then a milestone of sorts occurred.  Malachi capped this little outing by a decently-sized temper tantrum at being told it was time to go.  Until now, he has always just agreed and been happy to follow us, regardless of where we've been or where we're going.  Today his little mind figured out that the park was much more fun than home, and that his timetable wasn't jiving with mom's.  

Although though he calmed down pretty quickly, and I was actually amused at his reluctance to leave,  this new development is making me a little nervous.  I'm wondering if this is going to become the new routine whenever we're at the zoo or the pool or a friends or anywhere he's having a great time.   Hopefully today's little display was partly, ok mostly due to the fact that he was probably scared spitless that once we left he wouldn't see another playground for weeks on end.  

Here's hoping for stroller-rides and swings a plenty in the very near future.  And weather and dispositions more lamb-like than lion.


letisha said...

i'll second that!
Love the new blog template!!! looks very spring-time-ish!

Sharmilla said...

My dear husband is supposed to be making me my very own custom template, but seeing as he's verry verry busy right now, I thought this would be ok until he gets it done!

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