Monday, June 15, 2009

Me thinks me feels a pang

Firstly I am overdue on some congratulations.

There has been a veritable baby boom these last few months, and I have been neglectful in keeping up, in terms of blog posts, with all the precious additions that have come along of late.

Waaay back in January:
Reid and Kellie, having matched us with Noah for Malachi in 2007, produced their counterpart to Kashton with the birth of another little boy, Kobe.

In February:
Zarah Bailey arrived to proud parents, Ryan and Coreen.

In March:
My cousin Alex and his lovely Indian bride Cherry had their third child, and second daughter, Miss Hayley Ann Halsey.

In April:
Baby Kipp made sweet Cora Puffalt, daughter of Corey and Patty-Jo, a big sister.
Allison and Jayden Massey welcomed their first, baby Cayla.
Marcy and Ryan Moe had their third baby, a sweet little boy named Gage

In May:
Gavan's boss Ron and his wife celebrated the arrival of their fourth child, Maria.
Julie and Rod Blonke made their duo a trio with the birth of another little girl, Georgia.
Calvin and Gelila Mast became a family of four with the birth of Mikai.
Keirah was born to Jeremiah and Becca Arkell, a friend of mine from the bank.
The Johnson family celebrated yet another grandson with Jax becoming the fourth child to Katrina and Kent Affleck.
And Xavier Tannikal Seeber was joyfully welcomed into the anxious arms of parents Carson, Larissa and big sister, Azriah.

In June:
Gri, Jeff and Delano Macdonald proudly announced the birth of baby Anecia.
And added to the ranks of first-timers are Amanda and Glenn Pipke with the arrival of Lucy.

And there are more to come in the weeks and months that follow.

All this leads me to a couple of questions. As in, who's next, and why won't it be me? Yes that's correct, I must admit my ovaries are twitching a tiny bit with the birth of all these amazing little people. My own babies are growing up too fast, and I'm feeling a little forlorn that the thrill new life that all of these families are experiencing will never be mine to experience again in the same way.

On the other hand, I see the laundry piled up, our pushed-to-the-max square footage, the ever-growing grocery bill and think.... "yep, three is enough".

I guess, like most things, time will tell.


Anonymous said...


gavan said...


letisha said...

awww sharmi, how about a puppy... or..... a new house plant?!?! hee hee
also, just wanted to tell you how much appreciate you commenting on every one of my posts. I can't tell you how much it means to, thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes.. if only they stayed babies... and didn't require discipline, guidance, school routines, $$ for all those extra curricular activies.... If only they always smiled at us like we were the best, and were willing to lay in our arms for cuddles... than i might be willing to forget the pangs of pregnancy and have.... a bunch more... but unfortunately they don't ... and not to say the rest of the journey isn't as sweet... just not as simple.. You're always welcome to steal other peoples though at such sweet moments...

Lori said...

Last year when we went to Dids, I thought there was a TONNE of new babies. I can't believe it's going to be the same this year! It's crazy, wow! It's awesome too :)

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