Thursday, June 18, 2009

To be a mother

like Hannah.

Can't stop thinking about her lately.

If you asked me how I prioritized my life I would say:

God first
Family second
everything else after that

but I know too often my actions reflect the opposite.

Hannah never let her love for Samuel supersede her love for God. She kept the vows she made even though it meant squashing her natural desires as a mother. In doing so, she became an example to her son of sacrifice and obedience, which is later evident in Samuel's own relationship with God.

I love the thought of her making her son a little coat and bringing it to him every year. Doing what she could as a mother, without taking her son out of his place. It can't have been easy.

It makes me wonder if I make it easy for my children to love God. To know and serve Him, without hindering in any way.

I hope to be a mother like Hannah.

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Anonymous said...

nice thought girl...

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