Friday, June 19, 2009

A new low

You know how when you're pregnant, your brain cells seem to evaporate into thin air and everyone assures you they'll return with the birth of your lovely offspring?

Well, this might be true, but even so, don't be deceived and get your hopes up, because even once they do return, they are now so consumed with thoughts of sleep, diapers, and runny noses, that your brain in no way resembles its formerly sharp and witty self.

Add to this months of at-home work, with limited adult conversation and the plight worsens. I didn't realize how bad things had gotten until I was listening to my husband the other night talk about all the things he has going on right now. His board game is almost ready for publication, which is quite a feat in itself, he has a million design projects on the go, a new business he's in the process of starting up along with the Game Artisans forum he created (for his like-minded geeky friends), etc. etc.

And in my attempt to be supportive (instead of jealous and insecure), I was complimenting him on his drive and talent and overall intelligence. He obviously felt it necessary to return the compliment, because he was quick to comment that I am smart and talented too. In my desperation to believe his kind words, and to put myself on somewhat equal footing with him, I struggled to come up with an example of my own smarty-pants endeavors and ended up with this:

"Yes I am talented too, because after all...(long pause)....... I can wipe my kid's nose with my skirt!!"

Without a second's hesitation, Gavan generously replied, "And you do it so well."

Later, I was repeating this conversation to Rohini, who chuckled heartily, sympathizing with the stay-at-home mother's sometimes perceived, mostly real lack of intellectual stimulation.

But the conversation came back to haunt me later, when Rohini excitedly called to tell me that she had found the fabric she was looking for to start a new sewing project, and I was expressing my regretful lack of ability to do anything crafty and complete envy of those who can, when she came back at me with my own words.

"But you can wipe your kid's snot with your skirt."

And after all, what is more ingenious than that.

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